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KVS/NVS Principal -office procedure


1. From the following which is the grading not used as an urgency grading

a) Most Immediate 

b) Top

c) Out Today.

d) Secret


2. State the condition under which a current file will be issued to other sections ?

a) When a written requisition is given and after making entry in the file movement register

b) Files will not be issued to other sections

c) Files will be issued through messenger book

d) Against written orders of the Head of Office


3. What does the term "Note" mean? 

a) A Note is a document submitted by the dealing officer after discussion with the Senior Officer, where the course of action is not clear

b) A Note is a communication sent in a case, along with approval of all stages of action taken by the Competent Authority to take a decision

c) A Note is remarks recorded on a case to facilitate its disposal and  includes a precise of previous papers, analysis of issues, suggestions  and final decision

d) A summary containing the process sheet, detailed information  concerning certain aspects of the questions discussed on the file


4. When an officer passes orders based on notings if he differs from the views of previous notings, he can take a different decision by

a) Referring the file to a higher official

b) Returning the file for re-drafting the note

c) Giving reasons for the decision

d) Recording his decision arbitrarily


5. According to guidelines on noting, whose approval is necessary for 
inter-departmental references?

a) Secretary to Government of India or an authority specified in the nodal Ministry

b) Minister-in-charge

c) Head of the Department

d) An officer not below the level of Joint Secretary or the level specified by a nodal ministry.


6. According to guidelines on noting, all notes shall be recorded on what kind of paper? 

(a) Green sheet

 b) A4 sheet

c) Legal size sheet 

d) Any colour sheet.


7. All category of staff and officers shall use which colour ink for noting ? 

(a) Red or Blue.

 (b) Blue or Green

c) Black or Green 

d) Black or Blue

Ans: D

8. Which of the following are correct with respect to notes? 

a) Notes should be electronically printed if it is half a page or more

b) Handwritten notes should be avoided

c) Notes are to be printed on both sides of the note sheet

d) All the above


9, What kind of information should not be handled through e-office? 

a) Departmental instructions

b) Classified information

c) Repetitive cases

d) Problem solving cases


10. What is the full form of DSC?

a) Departmental Standing Committee

b) Digital Signature Certificate

c) Digital Signing Committee

d) Dealing Secretary Certificate


11. In a e-File, what is the option available to Prepare a rough note, which may then be confirmed as a green note?

(a) Green note.

 (b) Referencing

(c) Docketing 

d) Yellow note


12. What is VPN in e-file provided to the officers of the rank of Deputy  Secretary and above? 

a) Virtual Private Network

b) Very Private Network

c) Virtual Private Number

d) Value Private Network


13. Which of the following is mandatory for using e-sign? 

a) Individual's mobile number should be linked to PAN Card

b) Individual's mobile number should be linked to Bank Account

c) Individual's mobile number should be linked to Aadhaar Number

d) Individual's mobile number should be linked to ID Card.

Ans: C

14. When is a draft communication put up without an elaborate note?

a) When the line of action is obvious

b) When the line of action is based on a Clear precedent or practice

c) When the line of action has been indicated by a higher officer

d) Any one of the above


15. To facilitate quicker decision making, channels of submission should not be more than? 
a) Three

(b) Four 

(c) Five

d) Six


16. What is the purpose of filing a running summary of facts in the 
Correspondence side with date? 

a) To facilitate reconstruction of a file, if previous papers are missed

b) To facilitate consideration and to obviate repeated recapitulation

c) To facilitate the higher officials with easy statutory or customary procedure

d) To facilitate section officer to save time


17. When will the ephemeral cases or 'no noting' cases be destroyed?

a) 1st January every year

b) 31st December every year

c) 1st September every year

d) Once in five years.


18. Where will the ephemeral cases or ‘no noting' cases be kept? 

a) In the 'O' bundle 

b) In the 'Q' bundle

c) In the miscellaneous file

d) Will be returned to the originator immediately


19. In which type of case is a detailed note providing all information on each aspect necessary? 

a) Ephemeral case

b) Routine or repetitive case

c) Correspondence case

d) Problem solving case

Ans: D

20. Which are the types of cases that fit in a standard process sheet?

a) Policy cases 

b) Routine or repetitive cases

c) Problem solving cases 

d) No noting cases


21. The maximum rate for CGST is? सीजीएसटी की अधिकतम दर क्या है?

A) 28

B) 12

C) 18

D) 20

Answer: D


22. Earnest money is to be returned to unsuccessful bidders within-days of the award of the contract in a central government department.

केंद्र सरकार के विभागों में खरीद प्रक्रिया के लिए असफल बोलीदाताओं को बयाना राशि ठेके के अवार्ड के दिनों के भीतर लौटानी होगी।

(a) 30 दिनों.              (b) 60 दिनों

(c) 15 दिनों.              (d) 45 दिनों


23. How many times can an employee change the declaration of his hometown? एक कर्मचारी अपने गृहनगर की घोषणा को कितने बार बदल सकता है ?

(a) No limit.        (b) 2 times

(c) 3 times.          (d) 1 time


24. Which of the following is not a regular holiday?

निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा नियमित अवकाश नहीं है ?

a) CL  
b) EL   

c) CCL   
d) HPL


25. CCL will be acceptable. सीसीएल--- स्वीकार्य होगा।

a) only for first child                            
 b) any child

c) all living children

d) For only two eldest surviving children



26. Rule 11 of the CCS Conduct Rules explain: | सीसीएस आचरण नियमों के नियम 11 की व्याख्या करें:

a) Evidence before committee

b) Unauthorised communication of information




27. For how long paternity leave is granted to a male government employee? एक पुरुष सरकारी कर्मचारी को पितृत्व अवकाश कितने समय के लिए दिया जाता है ?

a) 10 days             

b) 20 days

c) 7 days               

d) 15 days


28. The TDS certificate issued by an employer to his/her employees in case of salary income is: वेतन आय के मामले में नियोक्ता द्वारा उसके कर्मचारी को जारी किया गया टीडीएस प्रमाणपत्र हैं:

(a) Form 16.                

(b) Form 26(Q)

(c) Form 26 (A)            

d) Form 26


29. What is the maximum number of installments in which temporary advance out of GPF can be recovered? जीपीएफ में से अस्थायी अग्रिम की वसूली  अधिकतम कितनी किश्तों में की जा सकती है ?

a) 36 installments        

b) 24 installments

c) 15 installments       

d) 12 installments


30. What is the maximum amount of study leave that can be availed by a government servant, other than CHS | Officers, in his/her entire service?  अध्ययन अवकाश की अधिकतम संख्या (सीएचएस के अधिकारी के अलावा) कितनी है जो कि किसी सरकारी कर्मचारी द्वारा उसकी पूरी सेवा में ली जा सकता है ?

(a) 24 months.   
(b) 12 months

c) 10 months    
d) 15 months


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